About Wild and Well


The drive, passion and purpose behind Wild and Well is to educate people on the vital elements that come together to create a body that moves functionally, a body that is well nourished and a mind that is happy, clear and motivated. 

Unfortunately there is no magic pill thats going to give you optimum health overnight and to be honest,  I am not about quick fixes over here. Through a holistic and genuine approach I hope to give you the tools you need to implement realistic changes into your everyday life to create a well balanced mind and body. My promise is that you will learn to love the journey.

On this website you will find blog posts to read from movement to self-love, recipes to inspire you to nourish, interviews with different people in the wellness industry and a range of services to cater to different needs. 

  • Corporate Wellness
  • Crossfit Specific Yoga and Mobility
  • Private Yoga and Mobility
  • Retreats and Workshops