Active living advocate, Adventure seeker, Passionate foodie, Personal Trainer, Health Coach & Yoga Teacher.

My journey into the fitness industry began at the age of 24 when I swapped my decent paying corporate job selling insurance for nike trainers and full time study in fitness. Living in constant fear of failure and almost always doubting myself due to some life traumas and events - left me feeling stressed, anxious and depressed. My escape from all of this for a very long time was drinking and partying on my weekends. It temporarily took my mind off how I was really feeling and allowed me to socialise with far less anxiety, but it always made me feel worse during the week when I was recovering from my big weekend. I had this self sabotaging cycle circulating in my life when I started to realise I needed to do something else. Something that would make me genuinely feel good and happy. 

I got in to such a bad state that I saw a psychologist every week for a year to work through the shit storm that my life was immersed in. It was during these sessions that I decided to start getting outside each day even if it was just a walk, a swim in the ocean or just grounding my feet on the earth. These sound like small things but at the time, getting outside some days was a mission in itself. Anxiety is a nasty experience to go through. The sleepless nights because your brain won’t shut off, waking up tired even though the day has just started, the feelings of self-doubt and lack of confidence, the constant state of worrying, panicking and being on edge. The lead up to my first session with the psychologist was a weird time for me, I was in complete denial that anything was wrong mentally. I was sure I had something physically wrong with me, to the point where I went to the doctors to get every test under the sun because I was getting a bunch of physical symptoms like; headaches, loss of appetite, dizziness, panic attacks, insomnia and the list goes on. It wasn't until the tests all came back clear that it was suggested I do a mental health assessment.

I cannot express just how grateful I am for these sessions and the tools I learnt during that year. There were times when I couldn't even leave the house but when I finally took that scary first step and realised how good getting outside made me feel, I completely immersed myself into it. I was hiking through national parks, climbing mountains, doing loads of workouts and always making sure I was outside. 

I started following health blogs and eating natural and whole foods, as the stress and anxiety had caused me to have so many issues with my gut, my hormones and general health. I remember the day I was sat at my desk in my insurance job and had this moment of complete empowerment and realisation that I no longer wanted to live in fear or self-doubt. I no longer wanted to allow my dreams to live only in my mind. I was ready to take control of my life and embark on this journey to heal myself mentally and physically while learning how to inspire change in others to do the same for themselves. I have always had a passion for helping others and so I knew I would end up in a career doing just that. I just had to take the leap! So I quit my job and applied for Fitness College. Making this decision for myself has been the most rewarding and amazing journey so far. 

I am now a certified Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher, have helped countless people change their lives and have completed 12 months of study through The Institute of Integrative Nutrition graduating as a Health Coach. Recently, I had the absolute pleasure of living in Abu Dhabi for 2 years, doing what I loved day in day out and had some amazing opportunities and experiences which have all helped to shape me in to the person I am today. I feel that this has enabled a unique and holistic approach to the way I educate my clients and myself. My passion for other peoples wellbeing is very genuine and I love to see people progress and feel good about themselves when they previously haven’t.

I found yoga a year or so after I became a Personal Trainer and I'd be lying if I said I loved it from day one. The first few times for me were intimidating and hard. I had to really force myself to keep going back at first. Initially, I went to yoga because my body was sore and stiff from working out and I wanted to gain more flexibility but I soon realised that yoga was much more than just a physical practice and has wonderful benefits for the mind as well. 

Yoga and my studies in Health Coaching have both taught me that physical health cannot be completely attained unless we also address the wellbeing of our mind and heart.

I see my mission in life as empowering reconnection within the community, guiding people to living a healthier and more holistic lifestyle through moving, nourishing and mentally stimulating the body and practicing a whole lot of self-love.