Interview with Natalie from Soak Society

When it comes to self-love and self-care, Natalie Thorogood, Founder of Soak Society knows where it's at. 


This beautiful goddess woman is many things, she is an entrepreneur, girl boss, creative, authentic and passion filled woman empowerer, hard worker, self-care guru and most importantly - one of my besties. I have had the pleasure of watching Soak Society start from an idea and blossom into a successful and now international business. 

With self-love and self-care being a huge focus for Wild and Well, it seems appropriate to share a little interview I did with Natalie.


What does self love mean to you? 

For me it's about being kind to myself. I am a determined, hardworking stubborn Capricorn, so I tend to go too hard sometimes. I have a goal this year to be gentler and kinder to myself. This consists of minimising negative self-talk, focusing on positives in every situation (always), and less time on my phone. The terms self-care and self-love are often used interchangably, and I think that's ok, because if you are making the effort to love yourself, then automatically you are caring for yourself. Start with the simple things like; drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, exercising, laughing, and eating good fresh food!

What are your top 3 fave self love rituals? 

I always mix things up, but I will have a soak about once week and set up my laptop next to the tub and watch a show on Netflix, put on a face mask and drink a wine or a herbal tea while soaking - multi-tasking self care! I also love walks on the beach with my dog, sometimes listening to an audio book or podcast, and sometimes with an ocean dip. Lastly, I make a conscious effort everyday to be mindful in what I am doing, and make some space for at least 10 minutes of meditation or just lying on the floor doing some deep breathing. 

What was the drive behind creating Soak Society? 

Honestly, I just followed my intuition and created a product four years ago that has evolved into a brand (and lots more products). Every decision I make is based on my gut instinct - what I feel is right for the brand, and for me. I always knew I would have my own business as I've always been entrepreneurial even as a child. I love being in the middle of three industries - Wellness, Beauty and Gifting!

If you could give one piece of advice about self love to women, what would it be? 

I read a quote recently that says 'You gotta nourish to flourish' - I love that! Nourish what makes your soul feel good, and don't do anything that you feel obliged to do. It's ok to say no, and stay home and have a bath on a Friday night!

If I was to ask you what are 5 things you love, without having to think, what would they be? 

My partner Corey, my dog Rusty, my other family members, my lifestyle, and my business!

You have already expanded Soak Society outside of Australia, whats the next country you hope to reach? 

Yes we are stocked in some amazing department stores in Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea. We are expanding into stores in the US very soon, very exciting!

If you want to see what all the fuss is about, you can head over to Soak Society and treat yourself to a soak. Your self care Sunday just got a whole lot better.

You can also follow Soak Society on Instagram

Jess x