Acts of Self-Love

Bringing awareness to the idea of self-love is something that is very important to me and something that is extremely close to my heart. As an almost 30 year old (young) woman, I can tell you that I've had my fair share of experiences with self-doubt, self-sabotage and lack of self-love. The journey to loving yourself can be a tough one, it can be confronting and all sorts of scary and it really saddens me that its the norm in so many people. However, its all an opportunity to grow and learn more about yourself so don’t let the fear of those bad feelings get the better of you and stop you from exploring how to love yourself.  


Its a journey that is never ending but once you have a few tools under your belt, practicing self-love is such a magical thing. It makes you feel empowered, connected, happy and free. 

Self-love can mean something different to each person but ultimately the end goal is the same - to have regard for your own well-being and happiness, to feel comfortable in your skin and in who you are. 

Through my journey, I have incorporated many different self-love rituals in to my life and to share them all with you in one post would be too much information. I have decided to share five with you below to begin with. I encourage you to discover your own ways of practicing self-love and all that means is, do what you love, do what makes you happy, do what gives you those good feelings deep into your soul. 

Try some of these on for size and see how they make you feel.


When it comes to listening to your intuition, it can be a tough act to follow. Sometimes, where its guiding you doesn't seem logical, or maybe fear is kicking in and trying to trick you into something else but if you can push those things aside and really honour that initial gut feeling then that in itself is a beautiful act of self-love because you are trusting yourself and in those moments, you are choosing what is best for you.


There is nothing like dropping your towel on the beach, feeling the sand between your toes, walking into the ocean and taking that first dive into the salty goodness. If I am ever feeling overwhelmed or craving a little cleanse, ocean swims always do the trick. The whole experience is just magical to me. If you don't live close to the ocean, immersing yourself in any water can also have a similar effect.


I am such a sucker for a beautiful scented candle, they are a non-negotiable item in my bedroom and each night before I go to sleep I always burn my candle to fill my room with the scent and give me sweet dreams. Just that simple act, makes me feel so happy. 


Taking myself off to a yoga class always gives me all the feels. Just being able to switch off and really tune into my body and my breath, leaves me feeling so full of all the self-love. When you really allow yourself that time to do something for you, its empowering. 


This is a big one for me. Just like 99% of the population, I almost always have my phone on me or near me. Sometimes its nice to just leave it and go on a big walk through nature so you don't have any distractions and can really just be in the moment and enjoy your surroundings. My favourite ways to do this are either walks along the beach, through a national park or climbing a mountain. Although it is nice sometimes to capture that moment, or take a photo of the sunrise for your instagram, try and just leave your phone at home every once in a while. I promise you, the experience will be worth it. To amp up this little ritual, do it at sunrise or sunset.

Jess x