Pain x Resistance = Suffering

So much of who we are is shaped by our upbringing. By the people we spend most of our time with, by influential moments in time and by our surroundings. For almost everyone, these influences momentarily cause us to forget who we are. I don’t mean like amnesia type of forgetfulness where you don’t remember your name or address, I mean forgetting the essence of who we are. This is the centre of your being and to find it again, we often have to peel back many layers.

We catch glimpses of this essence trying to make its way to the surface through potential holes in the layers at certain times in our lives. These glimpses can come in many shapes and feelings. It can also try and grab your attention by causing physical ailments in the body. This is your calling. To start peeling back the layers and be reunited with your authentic self. That being of light that you came into this world as. This, I believe, is your life’s most important work. 

You shouldn’t have to go too far in search for the path to yourself. It’s right in front of you. It always has been. The tough part isn't finding it, its making the choice. The choice to either go down that path or stay against the grain, always keeping it at arms length. Now, I’m the first to admit that maths in’t a love of mine but I heard this quote a while ago and woah has it stuck with me “Pain x Resistance = Suffering”. It might seem like the path to yourself is going to be painful at times and you are right. It will be. But if you keep resisting the journey, you’re only going to keep suffering so why not surrender and allow that natural flow of your life to do its thang?

Take some time to get to the know the essence of YOU. 

What makes you who you are? What makes you happy? Are you resisting or surrendering? How has your life experiences shaped you? 

You don’t have to answer these questions right away but opening your mind to thinking about the answers is enough to get you started. 

Love Jess x